Kimono to the world! 着物を世界へ!

I pride myself in selecting interesting traditional and modern Japanese kimono and accessories. Spreading interest in kimono overseas and offering them at an affordable price is my goal.

The SALZ shop is running on Etsy and frequently updated with new arrivals. If you see something interesting, just click the listing below and it will direct you to my shop and the items details.

If you don’t have an Etsy account or would like to purchase something directly, please don’t hesitate reaching out via the contact form.





Womens kimono / 女性用お着物

Haori Jackets / 羽織

Obi belts / 帯

Obijime & Obiage / 帯締め & 帯揚げ

Nagajuban & Kitsuke / 長襦袢 & 着付け

Geta, Zori & Accessories / 下駄・草履 & 小物

Mens kimono & Obi / 男性用お着物 & 帯

SALZ Design Fashion / SALZデザイン・ファッション


Secondhand Articles Dealer Licence  / 古物商免許 No. 431090036584