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「仕立て」How to Yukata Pt.3: Sewing

※Continued from my previous article / 前回の記事の続きです。 The final step after dyeing is to turn this 12 meter long fabric bolt into a wearable item. That of course means cutting and sewing it. I am not giving an instruction of how to hand sew it in this post as it is way too complicated and lengthy (but maybe one day, who knows!). Also if you like more insights, check out my previous post about Wasai – The art of kimono sewing. 最後のステップは12mの反物を形に変えることです。 こちらでは和裁や手縫い仕立てのやり方などを紹介しません。和裁に興味ありましたら以前書いた和裁についての記事をぜひ読んでみてね。☆ 自分のデザインのせいですが、今回の柄合わせは少し難しかったです(笑)柄合わせって、仕立てのとても大事なステップで、例えば二つの虎は横に並ぶと浴衣の全体的なデザイン・バランスは良くないんです。 Something I [...]


「和裁」Wasai – The art of kimono sewing

Last year in October I started with Wasai (和裁) - traditional kimono sewing by hand. I am being taught by a sensei which has been a professional kimono tailor for over 50 years. My lessons are once every week for 5 hours to learn the art of kimono sewing. To be honest - it is quite tough! One wouldn't think how many hours, days and week go into making a kimono from scratch. All hand sewn with partially and very time consuming [...]