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「夏の思い出 2018」Summer throwback – Bon dance, Awa odori and Yukata

The trees start changing their colours. A fresh breeze makes you want to wrap yourself in a cosy jacket. It's officially sweater weather. Autumn has arrived. 紅葉が始まりましたね。風も肌寒くなりジャケットがほしい今日この頃です。先日まで台風で大変でしたが、セーターの時期になったといっていいのではないでしょうか?皆さんはいかがお過ごしですか? Since I have a backlog of pictures from this Summer I'd love to share them here as my: Summer throwback! Bon dance, fireworks, Awa-odori and a lot of sweating in yukata. You probably know already that Japan has a lot of summer festivities to offer. And this year I swore to myself to not miss the fun Bon Odori [...]


「原宿ラフォーレで着物ショッピング」Harajuku LaForet’s kimono shops

Last Saturday I went to Harajuku's LaForet Shopping mall to check out the nice kimono pop up shops there. During the Summer months, many kimono brands offer their yukata and kimono items in department stores in the city. 土曜日は原宿ラフォーレにある様々な着物ブランドのポップアップへ行ってまいりました。 But before that let me show you my outfit. It was a very special day for me because I made my Hakama Debut! (Meaning I never wore a hakama myself before..) Also I wanted to show you what to wear on a rainy day! Just [...]