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「悉皆業とは?」Kimono cleaning & maintenance workshop visit

Ever wondered how kimono are cleaned or maintained? A while back I had a pleasure to visit ANDO TAKASHI Dye Factory - a traditional company which does professional cleaning and restoring of kimono as well as new made to order kimono ("ANDO"). 少し前ですが、着物の洗い張りや修理及びオーダーメードの着物をしておられる安藤孝染工場(以下、安藤)さんにお話を伺いながら見学させていただきました。 Curious as to how such an operation may look from the inside I paid them a visit. The staff of ANDO showed me around and explained what they do. [Basically] Kimono (silk or other delicate fabrics) can't be cleaned [...]