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「秋の着物コーデ」Favourite autumn kimono looks 2018

Autumn seemed to have passed by in the blink of an eye. Feeling bad for having neglected my blog all too much (I update all my kimono looks primarily on my instagram, but realized it's a shame to let my own page slide..) So let me make up for it and share my favourite outfits from the not-hot-yet-not-cold season: 2018年は秋は早くなかったですか?夏が長くて、ちょっと秋になったと思ったら、一気に冬になっちゃった感じ。インスタではご紹介した着物撮影をこのブログでも・・やっと掲載します!! 暑くも寒くもない秋という季節にあったコーデを考えてみました。みなさんのコーデのアイデアや(きびしー (笑))ご意見お待ちしてます! The mysterious red spider lily marks the beginning of autumn. 曼珠沙華-彼岸花は、秋の訪れを教えてくれます。というか一年はやい 汗! This gloomy day really made the colours of the flowers pop. [...]


「着物撮影の巻」Kimono photo shoots Summer 2018 夏

As always I am way behind in blogging about previous kimono styling works. But let me show two of my favorite projects of the past summer. 2018年夏、とても楽しい着物スタイリングプロジェクトに参加させてもらいました! YY -waiwai- For the ensemble YY Japan I was asked to direct and style two looks for their artist pictures. Being a huge fan of their work, this was a great honor to me. YY consists of the talented Koto (traditional Japanese instrument similar to a harp) player "Asuka" and DJ / beat maker "Wocasi". [...]


「秋の着物撮影」Photo shoots from autumn

Currently there is still quite a backlog of kimono photo shoots and events I went to and haven't written about yet so I will post a bit about stuff I did back in October/November. One last minute, yet rather difficult shoot to execute (in terms of location and props) was with the popular Russian model and artist Ellen Sheidlin aka. Sheidlina. With an incredible current following of 3.7 Million people on Instagram I was super intrigued that she wanted to work [...]