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Kimono Styled & Restyled 「ファッションとしてのきもの 1300 年」

Last month I went to Osaka and Kyoto for a couple of days. (Mixing business with pleasure) A friend of mine introduced me to this interesting exhibition by the Kyoto Textile Fabrics Wholesaler's Association which just had their 50th Anniversary. Luckily I had time to check it out before heading back to Tokyo. 先月は関西に行ってきたついでに、「ファッションとしてのきもの1300年」との着物展示会に出会いました。写真はOKでしたので、こちらで軽く紹介したいと思います。 This exhibition was beautifully curated and showcasing the evolution of the Japanese garments until today. Photos were allowed - so let me take you on a quick tour [...]


My evolution of kimono styling / 着物スタイリングの進化

The first time to get in touch with kimono was in Kyoto years ago, when I rented a kimono for the first time. It was like a dream come true and walking through the city dressed up traditionally made me feel so good. Life feels different while wearing kimono. Your whole body positure and way of walking and doing things changes, becomes more gracefully really. 初めて着物を着るのは京都でした。着物レンタルして街にまわりました。夢のような感じでしたし、夜に普通の洋服に着替えたくなかったです。 着物で生活が変わってくる。歩き方から話し方まで丁寧になる気もして素晴らしかったです。 Afterwards I had no time, knowledge nor idea how to be able to wear a kimono [...]