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「斉藤上太郎コレクション」JOTARO SAITO 2018 A/W

On Wednesday I went to see the new collection of kimono designer JOTARO SAITO at the Tokyo Fashion Week. 水曜日(2018年3月21日)に、東京ファッションウィークにて、着物デザイナーのJOTARO SAITO(斉藤上太郎)さんの新作発表を訪問しました。 Although the cherry blossoms started blooming and we had 22°C a couple of days back, on the day of the collection we had snow and heavy rain at only 2°C!! What are the chances? Haha! So instead of a silk kimono I had to go with something washable – how handy that I have a jersey kimono by JOTARO SAITO himself. [...]


「きものサローネ2017」Kimono Salone

Like last year, I also joined the Kimono Salone event in Nihonbashi again. Because it was just before my New York trip I am super late to put everything into a proper blog post – but the pictures from the fashion show are too nice to keep them a secret. Kimono Salone is a kimono event where many kimono brands and artisans gather to show their new collections as well a chance to learn and try out some traditional craft. [...]


「きものサローネ・着物ショー」Kimono Salone Shows

The weekend was full of kimono fun again – Kimono Salone was opening its doors for a second event this autumn. 先週末は「きものサローネ」へ行ってきました。先月と違って、展示会によりきものショーはメインでした。 Read about the previous event here 先月のきものサローネ・レポートはこちら: 「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone Finally it also is cold enough to wear some thicker kimono, so I could wear my Jotaro Saito Jersey kimono for the first time. (When I purchased it, it was hot summer.) Combined with an antique and vibrant obi this was a very nice outfit. (Apart from the fact that nothing worked that day and [...]


「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone

Yesterday I jumped back into my kimono, did my hair and went to Kimono Salone – a 3 day event / exhibition of kimono brands in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. 昨日は久々に着物でお出かけしました。初めての「きものサローネ」へ! But let’s start from the beginning – as always with my outfit: I finally tried to do Nihongami again. It was quite a fight, because I used a cheap stupid extension which doesn’t work well for Japanese hairstyles. But I somewhat won the fight. Instead of Japanes-y accessoires I used a vintage comb I [...]


「斉藤三才」Saito Sansai – Roots of Jotaro Saito

Many of you probably already know about JOTARO SAITO, a kimono brand from Kyoto which I reported about previously. (At Tokyo Fashion Week & The store) 着物好きやブログを読んでる皆さんはJOTARO SAITOと言う着物ブランドを知ってますよね? 今回はこのブランドの歴史を紐解いてみたいと思います。 (前回の記事:東京コレクション & 絹磨xJOTARO SAITOの紹介) JOTARO SAITO actually comes from a traditional line of kimono artisans in Kyoto. His father Saito Sansai also designs kimono (and revolutionised the industry already before Jotaro) and also Sansai has a father who started the kimono dyeing initially. 斉藤上太郎さんは京都の伝統的な着物デザイナーの三代目です。上太郎さんのお父様、斉藤三才さんも着物デザイナーとして活躍し、三才さんのお父様は着物のデザインや染めを始めました。 斉藤家の歴史を少し紹介してみます: Let’s take a look into the history of the Saito line: First [...]