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「藤の花と着物」Wisteria and kimono

Last month the weather got warm out of sudden, so the Wisteria flowers started blooming faster than usual. These magical weeping flowers are probably one of my favorites ever, so I had to do a small kimono photoshoot. お久しぶりです!元気ですかぁ(猪木さん風に)? 先月から突然暖かくなってきましたね。藤の花は例年より早く咲き始めました。毎年4月下旬からキレイにしだれて咲き始めるこの花は、私の大好きな花の一つで、着物撮影を絶対やりたいと思ってました。 Luckily the gorgeous Choom agreed to model for me. I proudly like to announce that this was the first shoot where I also did the photography and editing apart from the styling and dressing. Surely it isn’t near satisfying and I need to learn a [...]


「秋の着物撮影」Photo shoots from autumn

Currently there is still quite a backlog of kimono photo shoots and events I went to and haven’t written about yet so I will post a bit about stuff I did back in October/November. One last minute, yet rather difficult shoot to execute (in terms of location and props) was with the popular Russian model and artist Ellen Sheidlin aka. Sheidlina. With an incredible current following of 3.7 Million people on Instagram I was super intrigued that she wanted to work [...]


「着物ワークショップ」Kimono workshops in NYC

During and after the Fudangi exhibition I wrote about in my last post, I also scheduled my first time ever kimono related workshops and some photo shoots. (Because how often do you have the chance to capture the NYC skyline with kimono?) ニューヨークにきてます! 前の記事で紹介したニューヨークにある「普段着物展示会」の前後にワークショップや着物の撮影もしてみました。 (着物姿をニューヨークで撮るならインパクトあるかなと思って・・笑) Prior to my trip I asked my followers on social media what kind of workshop they would like to attend when I am in New York / what they need help with in regards of kimono. And the majority [...]


「平安姫の着物撮影」RinRin x SALZ Heian Kimono

Back in March RinRin called me about a fun kimono collaboration in the cherry blossoms. She just had her hair re-dyed in nice colours for the season and was looking to create a fun lookbook for her YouTube channel. (For those who may not know RinRin – she is an American-Japanese Model and YouTuber.) Everything was a bit wild, trying to schedule all sorts of people together with the weather and forecast of the perfect bloom of the sakura aka. cherry [...]


「築地の盆踊り」Bon Odori in Tsukiji

A week ago I went to a Bon Odori (Bon Dance) for the first time. Those traditional bon dance festivals are basically held in all bigger neighbourhoods, but I really wanted to see a big one, so I picked out the Tsukiji one in Tokyo. 始めて盆踊りに行ってきました。 日本へ引っ越してきてから5年以上経ちましたが、盆踊りに参加したことないです。ありえないでしょう? 盆踊りは何処にもあるはずですが、大きい祭りをみたいと思って築地の盆踊りを選んでみました。 I arrived a little before the scheduled start of the shows and dance but there were already quite some people enjoying a nice summer day with family and friends, munching away on the matsuri (festival) food [...]


「黒船祭」Black Ship Festival 2016

Every year in May, a festival to celebrate the opening of Japan for trade in 1854 by American Matthew Perry is being held in Shimoda, Izu. 毎年5月が下田市(伊豆)の黒船祭です。 The foreign big ships with black colour and charcoal steam-powered were called “black ships” by Japanese. Those black ships landed in Yokosuka and also Shimoda and the first trade agreement between Japan and the US was signed and Shimoda used as a port for the US. To celebrate the friendship between the two countries the “kurofune [...]