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「スペースインベーダー着物の作り方」How to: Space Invader Kimono

For a while now I really wanted a half-half coloured kimono (aka. 片身替り katamigawari). Unfortunately they are very hard to find and if you come across one, they are usually pretty expensive. 前から片身替り着物(半々の色)が欲しかったけど、手に入りにくいことが分かりました。 もし見つかったとしても、高いお値段で売られています。 Being as poor as I am right now my only chance was to make something myself. However making a kimono from scratch seems kinda scary - so I thought to myself: What could be the easiest way to make such kimono? Right! Cut two kimono in half and sew the [...]


The kimono kid x SALZ Tokyo

Last month I had an incredibly fun crossover collaboration with my dear friend Sasa from New York. Sasa is the head and creator behind the kimono kid and hand makes custom order kimono items in her atelier in Brooklyn. She does everything from scratch, taking the customers wishes and measurements, designs, hand dyes, cuts and sows kimonos, kimono jackets and anything wafuku you like in her studio. Only high quality locally US made denim or fabric, or else carefully sourced vintage kimono [...]


Telephone print Haori Jacket

Hey lovelies, Sorry for the long absence. I will try to catch up with some posts about the past weeks. First of all I would like to show you the new SALZ Tokyo Haori Jacket I made. A Haori is a Japanese style Jacket usually to be worn over a kimono, however I like to mix old with new and break up traditions, so I designed this Haori to be more of a retro pop version. The fabric features old vintage phones saying [...]