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「秩父銘仙:新啓織物 ほぐし織り」Chichibu Meisen Hogushi Weaving

(Continuing from my previous article about Chichibu Meisen Museum & Nassen dyeing.) 秩父銘仙や捺染の続きです。 If you have read my introduction of Meisen and Nassen dyeing you might be curious now what would happen to those silk threads after they got their lovely design and colour? To find out we visited Arakei Orimono a small traditional family owned factory workshop in Chichibu, Saitama who kindly opened their doors for us. この前、秩父銘仙館や捺染体験について書きました(英語だけですが・・)。 銘仙って、絹の糸を染めるだけで終わらないので、その続きも紹介したいと思って、本織りの工房まで行ってきました。 秩父で現在も伝統を引き継ぐ「新啓織物」さんに工場を見せて頂きました。 Mr. Arai's father started his business 45 years ago - when the industry was already in [...]


Chichibu Meisen Museum & Nassen dyeing

Last month I already had my 5 year wedding anniversary! My husband does not wear kimono, but he is kind enough to hear me babbling about kimono all day every day for some time now. For our anniversary we thought it would be kind of boring to just walk through the city and stuff ourselves in a fancy restaurant. So instead my better half was totally supporting my idea to finally visit the Meisen museum (銘仙館) in Chichibu, Saitama. I also wanted [...]