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「夏の思い出 2018」Summer throwback – Bon dance, Awa odori and Yukata

The trees start changing their colours. A fresh breeze makes you want to wrap yourself in a cosy jacket. It's officially sweater weather. Autumn has arrived. 紅葉が始まりましたね。風も肌寒くなりジャケットがほしい今日この頃です。先日まで台風で大変でしたが、セーターの時期になったといっていいのではないでしょうか?皆さんはいかがお過ごしですか? Since I have a backlog of pictures from this Summer I'd love to share them here as my: Summer throwback! Bon dance, fireworks, Awa-odori and a lot of sweating in yukata. You probably know already that Japan has a lot of summer festivities to offer. And this year I swore to myself to not miss the fun Bon Odori [...]