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「着物ティー」SALZ Kimono Shirt Collection

Hey! Hopefully you're having a great week? みなさん、明日11月23日は勤労感謝の日ですね。いかがお過ごしですか? Just wanted to announce a new idea to showcase the beautiful collaborative images I did in the past year with many international creators. 日本や世界中で大活躍されてるアーティストさんたちと一緒に作ってきた作品を形にしていきたいと思っていました。 As you know, I frequently style kimono photo shoots. Some just as an art form and in hope to inspire others to view kimono as a fun fashion item. Wearing kimono comes with a lot of challenges and can be intimidating, so we thought: How about printing kimono art on a shirt? [...]