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「藤の花と着物」Wisteria and kimono

Last month the weather got warm out of sudden, so the Wisteria flowers started blooming faster than usual. These magical weeping flowers are probably one of my favorites ever, so I had to do a small kimono photoshoot. お久しぶりです!元気ですかぁ(猪木さん風に)? 先月から突然暖かくなってきましたね。藤の花は例年より早く咲き始めました。毎年4月下旬からキレイにしだれて咲き始めるこの花は、私の大好きな花の一つで、着物撮影を絶対やりたいと思ってました。 Luckily the gorgeous Choom agreed to model for me. I proudly like to announce that this was the first shoot where I also did the photography and editing apart from the styling and dressing. Surely it isn't near satisfying and I need to learn a [...]


「牛島の藤花園」Wisteria & Kimono

Today I want to introduce you my favourite spot around Tokyo to see the Wisteria bloom. 「藤の花を見に行きたい!」という方へ♡ おすすめスポットをご紹介します。