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「リニューアルオープン」Renewal open!

こんにちは、皆さん! This blog has been inactive for months! And all that has a reason: I was working and renewing this homepage as well as implementing a shop directly in here. Many of you know that I have been selling selected kimono items via a platform called Etsy.com (-> My Etsy shop) I will continue to do so. Etsy has been a great venue for me to learn and grow. Thanks to everyone, my shop got so many lovely reviews!! Yet, I also want to [...]


「浴衣でグランドキャニオン」Grand Canyon in Yukata

Last month I went to the United States for a bit – including Las Vegas, its nearby Grand Canyon and California. 実は、先月はアメリカに行ってまいりました。ラスベガスとグランドキャニオン(付近)です。 You probably already know me better – of course I did not go there in Western clothing! Why let the chance slip to wear kimono or at least yukata in such a scenic location? Since I could only travel with a tiny suitcase this time, bringing a full Japanese kimono outfit wasn’t an option – but a yukata (cotton kimono) [...]


「六本木ヒルズ春まつり」Roppongi Spring Festival 2018

Last weekend (7th and 8th of April, 2018) I participated the spring festival or “Haru Matsuri” at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. 2018年4月7及び8日と六本木ヒルズさんの春祭りに参加させてもらいました! 六本木ヒルズの春まつりとは、六本木ヒルズ自治会、森ビル株式会社主催で六本木ヒルズアリーナで毎年行われます。今年は六本木ヒルズさんの15周年でしたよ! Black lace kimono on red juban for a modern look. 黒レース着物で襦袢の色も見せる楽しさ。 Although the Bon dance in summer is well known, the spring festival is still not as famous yet. Organized by the Roppongi hills local community group and the Ropppngi Hills company, this event is held every year at the Roppogi Hills arena. 2018年は、着物が一つのテーマで、花影きもの塾さんの協力で着物レンタルもありました。 6日は強風で中止になってしまいましたが(安全第一!)、残りの2日間は、天気よく、特に8日は最高の天気でした。前の日の強風もあり、桜はきれい(笑)に散っていましたが、輝く太陽の下では新緑が映えてとても良かったですよ。春を感じる二日間でした。 One of the biggest themes this year was [...]


「斉藤上太郎コレクション」JOTARO SAITO 2018 A/W

On Wednesday I went to see the new collection of kimono designer JOTARO SAITO at the Tokyo Fashion Week. 水曜日(2018年3月21日)に、東京ファッションウィークにて、着物デザイナーのJOTARO SAITO(斉藤上太郎)さんの新作発表を訪問しました。 Although the cherry blossoms started blooming and we had 22°C a couple of days back, on the day of the collection we had snow and heavy rain at only 2°C!! What are the chances? Haha! So instead of a silk kimono I had to go with something washable – how handy that I have a jersey kimono by JOTARO SAITO himself. [...]


「コンクリートジャングル」Concrete Jungle

Tokyo’s concrete jungle sometimes can be overwhelming. But it also lures you with all its colours and lights. Endless opportunities for shopping and food. Masses of people pushing through the streets like blood cells in the arteries, giving this metropolis live. 東京のコンクリートジャングルは時に過食気味に感じることもあります。 でも、その一方で、その色や光であなたを魅了するものでもあります。買い物や食べ物も数え切れないほどの場所があります。右から左へ流れる人々が、血管を流れる血液のように、この都市に生命を与えていると思いませんか? Shinjuku’s Kabukicho used to be a rather dangerous area controlled by the Yakuza. Today it is rather safe – yet still has countless “pink” businesses and host clubs up to date. A perfect place to go full on with a bold [...]


「着物でスノボ」Snowboarding in kimono

When living in Germany I never got the chance to do any Wintersports apart from ice skating, but 3 years ago my husband taught my how to stand on the snowboard. We flew up to Hokkaido and went snowboarding for 3 days – in the beginning I kept falling on my knees and ass but on the 3rd day I had lots of fun! Since then time passed super fast and I got insecure if I could still do it. When [...]