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「着物撮影の巻」Kimono photo shoots Summer 2018 夏

As always I am way behind in blogging about previous kimono styling works. But let me show two of my favorite projects of the past summer. 2018年夏、とても楽しい着物スタイリングプロジェクトに参加させてもらいました! YY -waiwai- For the ensemble YY Japan I was asked to direct and style two looks for their artist pictures. Being a huge fan of their work, this was a great honor to me. YY consists of the talented Koto (traditional Japanese instrument similar to a harp) player "Asuka" and DJ / beat maker "Wocasi". [...]


「コンクリートジャングル」Concrete Jungle

Tokyo's concrete jungle sometimes can be overwhelming. But it also lures you with all its colours and lights. Endless opportunities for shopping and food. Masses of people pushing through the streets like blood cells in the arteries, giving this metropolis live. 東京のコンクリートジャングルは時に過食気味に感じることもあります。 でも、その一方で、その色や光であなたを魅了するものでもあります。買い物や食べ物も数え切れないほどの場所があります。右から左へ流れる人々が、血管を流れる血液のように、この都市に生命を与えていると思いませんか? Shinjuku's Kabukicho used to be a rather dangerous area controlled by the Yakuza. Today it is rather safe - yet still has countless "pink" businesses and host clubs up to date. A perfect place to go full on with a bold [...]


「着物撮影in渋谷」Shibuya Kimono Photoshoot

A while back I got an enquiry from a super talented photographer named Saq Imtiaz, who shoots a lot for VOGUE in Paris as well. He was briefly in Tokyo and we squeezed in a two-outfit Kimono shoot even he barely slept for a week. Before the shoot I was out hunting for locations but actually on the day, the photographers schedule was really tight so we only could manage to shoot at the (a little too generic but famous) Shibuya [...]