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「着物撮影」Photo shoot throwback 2018

While I have been busy with rebuilding the site and life in general - this blog was on hold. This year as well, I have been blessed with all these chances to work with creative people for collaboration shoots! So let me recap shortly to some of the images created. In order to not let the post get too long and boring, I decided to split them up a little into multiple posts. このサイトを再構築してる間、このブログの更新も止まってしまっていました。すみませんでした!今年も、いろいろな方のご協力を頂き、楽しいコラボ撮影ができています。 簡単ですが、撮影の写真を掲載してみます! ブログが長くなりすぎないように、いくつかのページに分けてみました。特にスマホで、読みにくくならないように。。。 - 琴葉 - In the early spring I had a [...]


「リニューアルオープン」Renewal open!

こんにちは、皆さん! This blog has been inactive for months! And all that has a reason: I was working and renewing this homepage as well as implementing a shop directly in here. Many of you know that I have been selling selected kimono items via a platform called Etsy.com (-> My Etsy shop) I will continue to do so. Etsy has been a great venue for me to learn and grow. Thanks to everyone, my shop got so many lovely reviews!! Yet, I also want to [...]