Black Green Yabane Arrow Archery kimono belt

Black Green Yabane Arrow Archery kimono belt


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☆ Japanese vintage Fukuro obi belt for kimono –
Black with green and colorful Yabane arrow/archery design – flawless ☆

“Yaba-ne” pattern or the arrow feather of archery design has been one of the popular designs in Japan. This means that “it breaks the bad luck ” and “hitting the target” carrying the positive meaning of luck and success.

This is a pretty Japanese vintage obi belt – to be worn with your kimono or put as a decoration. It is a vintage item but in a good condition with no stains or damages. The design is continuous!

The obi type is “Fukuro obi” to be worn mainly formal.
Wonderful silk in black with a lovely yet vibrant artwork of arrow all over. And Flawless, only some fold lines! (Please check close-ups).

Condition: Flawless
Made in: Japan
Material: Silk

☆ SIZE ☆
– length: 416 cm / 164 in
– width: 31.5 cm / 12.5 in

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Black, Green


Flawless, Vintage




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