Black silk kimono with candy swirls wet look 164cm

Black silk kimono with candy swirls wet look 164cm


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☆ Japanese antique kimono – black silver candy swirl 3D look ☆

How to describe this kimono? It is simply unique and breathtaking.
It has the signature pattern of “uzumaki (ウズマキ) or swirls” reminding me of candy.
The fine silver threads give this black silk an almost 3D “wet-look” when seen from afar. A modern looking kimono where one can almost not believe it is about 100 years old.

This one was originally not for sale and was kept in my personal collection for a long time, only used for professional shootings. A great item for a collection.

An antique kimono in near flawless condition! No weak threads, totally wearable. There are traces of repairs on the middle back but you can’t see them until you look for them. (Please check close-up.)
The inside is lined with red and a soft yellow.

Condition: Amazing / just one area has been repaired
Made in: Japan
Material: Silk

– Mitake (length): 164 cm / 64.5 in
– Yuki (mid neck to end of arm): 64 cm / 25 in
– Mae haba (front panel width): 22.5 cm
– Ushiro haba (back panel width): 28 cm

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