「リニューアルオープン」Renewal open!

「リニューアルオープン」Renewal open!


This blog has been inactive for months! And all that has a reason:
I was working and renewing this homepage as well as implementing a shop directly in here.
Many of you know that I have been selling selected kimono items via a platform called Etsy.com (-> My Etsy shop)
I will continue to do so. Etsy has been a great venue for me to learn and grow. Thanks to everyone, my shop got so many lovely reviews!!

Yet, I also want to design the interface more freely and also help more Kimono brands as a global select shop. Thus, I decided it was time to implement a shop on my standalone homepage.



Sounds rather easy right? So why did I take this long?

Well… There was an incident! I actually worked without break for 2 weeks in June on finishing my homepage. Even got an inflammation in my arm from overusing the mouse (haha)
And right when I was about to launch (just wanted to quickly adjust a newsletter function and have dinner) – it happened!!!!!


Since my page was just before finishing I did not have a backup and all my work was gone basically.
To add to the “fun” – I spent weeks of trying to get help from support , however the help desk never really helped in trying to figure out the problem or fix the homepage so after weeks of fights and wasted time I moved on and rebuilt my site.


So here we are – finally officially opening my homepage and shop doors!
– Welcome everyone! – SALZ Tokyo is back!

I hope to be able to expand and offer many interesting new kimono items too in the future.
(To be honest, I already had some orders before the official opening, so a few items are sold out..)


And to kick off this new chapter:
I’m offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for 2 weeks!
Just enter the code “party” when checking out. Ends 7/20!

セール期間は2週間で、購入チェックアウト時に、[ party ]とコードを入れてください。

So proud to also be able to process credit cards directly. Of course PayPal can be used too.
Write me anytime if there are any questions or you have some feedback on user-friendliness or design of the homepage. It is much appreciated!


The page is yet to be 100% completed though. There are some small bits of info missing and there is a lot of backend work yet to be completed..
I will keep adding items to my shop and write blog more often again, so please stop by and say hi sometimes 🙂


Have a lovely week everyone! それではこれからもヨロシクお願いします!!

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Comments (2)

  • zoomingjapan Reply

    Uhh …. that sounds so horrible!
    I’m kind of glad I took a break from blogging because these kind of problems are really what are truly ruining one’s health.

    Glad to see everything is back and running and I hope your own shop will be successful.
    Good luck!!! :333

    September 11, 2018 at 2:06 AM
    • Anji SALZ Reply

      Ahhh! Zooming! So schön von dir zu hören 🙂
      Danke dir. Ja dieses Webseiten gebastel nimmt wirklich kein Ende haha. Ich hoffe es läuft alles gut.
      Fühl dich gedrückt

      September 14, 2018 at 12:05 AM

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