「京都で着物撮影」Kimono photoshoots in Kyoto

「京都で着物撮影」Kimono photoshoots in Kyoto

At the beginning of this month I went to Kyoto for some work and photo shoots.





Well, and once there I also have to eat all the delicious things in my favourite restaurants. Like eel, yuba and warabimochi..



This kimono was actually handed down to me from my husbands grandma. I love it! The patterns are so unusual.
Wearing it with a modern lace obi and my self-made union jack obidome.



I was super careful to not catch a cold, but over night the hotel was freezing and I got super sick right in time for my important photo shoot ><
My friend Maria took good care of me by cooking me soup and supplying me with medicine but the damage was done haha.

ずっと風邪引かないように気をつけたけど、夜中にホテルは寒すぎて大事の撮影日に完全風邪引いてしまった。( ; ; )友達のマリアちゃんはスープも作ってくれたりして、薬もたくさんだして色々助かったけど・・撮影中に鼻水ダラダラ(笑)

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

Thank you again for this wonderful shoot in Kyoto!

Photographer : 渡辺謙人(戻橋)
Editor & Model : 川原マリア (と私 w)
Kimono: 戻橋


I also wrote an article on KimonoBijin about Modoribashi, the kimono shop in Kyoto.



The next day we were up for another photo shoot with another photographer in Kyoto.
For this shoot I provided all kimono items and did direction and styling for Maria and me.

Because Kyoto is a very traditional town I wanted to make a contrast by creating a “Tokyo Mode” kind of style which you wouldn’t find much in Japans old capital.
I think it turned out quite well. What do you think?

今回は他のフォトグラファーさんで着物もスタイリングとディレクションは私(SALZ Tokyo)でした。


SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto

Photographer : Takahiro Bessho
Model / Direction : 川原マリア (と私)
Kimono / Styling: SALZ Tokyo

Actually while shooting TV people came up to us and wanted to interview me about what I find “weird” about Japan. I thought that was a boring topic so I talked about kimono instead. (And it all got cut out ahah). Still they let me try to write a prayer down and hang it at a shrine. So I was 1 second on TV. Haha.


SALZ Tokyo in Kyoto



The next days I just kept eating and visiting some kimono companies such as Modern Antenna to see and try their designs.









So which photo shoot did you like better? The traditional dark looking one or the modern style outside?


Have a great week,

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Comments (4)

  • Anna Reply

    Great you enjoyed Kyoto so much. Enjoyed reading your article every time. learning a lot about kimono and Japan culture. Thank you!

    March 1, 2017 at 11:59 PM
    • Anji SALZ Reply

      Thank you so much Anna!

      March 2, 2017 at 12:44 AM
  • megsz._ Reply

    I like both photo shoots equally for very different reasons. You have a quite the discerning eye in knowing which style/look/aesthetic will compliment the setting (as a stylist should, I suppose!). Your styling, indeed, seeing the finished photos are so inspiring that I wish I could drop all my studies and fly to Japan right now to immerse myself in research! Also, your obidome in the second shoot caught my eye, absolutely love it. 😀

    March 10, 2017 at 8:11 PM
    • Anji SALZ Reply

      You’re too kind darling!
      After all taste differs and I am sure some people may not like my style but it was very fun to coordinate two matching outfits and to model a little bit haha ^^
      The obidome is awesome, right? I really had to have it since it has a td creepiness to it.

      March 10, 2017 at 10:17 PM

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