「レトロ着物撮影」Kimono flapper girl photo shoot

「レトロ着物撮影」Kimono flapper girl photo shoot

Before the ones in Kyoto, I actually had my first own produced kimono photo shoot last December.
The idea occurred to me after my friend and I visited a private open house exhibit in October 2016. It was a stunning house, previously owned by a photographer named Nakamura. It had been well preserved in its old style including the interior. It felt like if I had travelled back in time.
The family even allowed us to browse through albums of the photographs taken during the 1930’s and 40’s – it was wonderful!









I felt so inspired that I thought I wanted to have a photo shoot inspired by 1920’s flapper girls – but in a crossover way – kimono plus western elements.
Especially women with a little “badass” attitude are the ones I adore.


As I learned that they will tear down the house to replace it with a modern apartment I thought about trying my luck and contacted the owners to ask if a shooting in there would be possible – and actually got approval! (I was 90% sure to be rejected – but sometimes you just got to try!)

After the approval I asked Samantha if she would model for me as her style and bob cut was fitting perfectly into the look I wanted to create. Also I shortly before met the amazing photographer Naito-san who was immediately on board as well.

I was given a very small time window to shoot but wanted to create two different looks. What a challenge (as we all know that kimono dressing takes quite a bit of time).

The night before, I packed up everything and barely slept because I was so excited and scared to screw up (haha!). The next morning we had to rise with the first sun beams.

以前お世話になった自宅は12月に取り壊すと話を聞いて、とても悲しく・・ 待って!写真に残したらいいな〜っと!





After a quick chat and instructions to the photographer I started with makeup and kitsuke (kimono dressing). Usually I am quite confident in putting on make-up by myself so thought it would be quite easy to do so on other people as well…
HA.HA. It was really difficult! What a shock. But we somehow managed to get it done anyways, with a little help of Samantha herself.



DSC_4222 new

The first look is solely inspired by a 20’s flapper girl.
Let’s take a look at the Furisode flapper! Surely every man would have fallen for her.


SALZ retro kimono 5

SALZ retro kimono 3

SALZ retro kimono 2

SALZ retro kimono 12

SALZ retro kimono 16

SALZ retro kimono 15

The next look inspired me by the model herself.
I know Samantha likes a minimalistic, cool and dark look – her street fashion is amazing! So my idea was to challenge her a little and style an outfit which she probably wouldn’t wear usually. Something colourful with a lot of flowers. Yet I intended a switch into Harajuku fashion by layering two kimono, using a lace obi and tattoo print tights.
And let’s be honest – she pulls it off so well!


SALZ retro kimono 9

SALZ retro kimono 8

SALZ retro kimono 11

SALZ retro kimono 6

SALZ retro kimono 7

Behind the scenes.
“Oh wait. I need to fix this.” Was my favourite interruption on the shoot.





After we packed up everything it felt like a 500kg weight was lifted off my shoulders.
I was under so much pressure to get everything perfect, but I think for my first shoot the results turned out quite pretty.

What do you think?




Model: Samantha Mariko
Photo: 内藤絵美
Direction/Styling/Kitsuke/Edit: Anji SALZ (me)


Special thanks to: https://kunitachihonten.info / 加藤様!ありがとうございました!

Thanks again for helping turn my dreams into reality, Samantha and Emi!

A bucket full of hugs,


PS: If you want to hear the version of Samantha, she also blogged about the shoot:

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Comments (6)

  • megsz._ Reply

    Absolutely stunning. I saw some of these photos on your Instagram. Your styling was so perfect it was bliss! The furisode and its obi are so beautiful I want to cry.

    March 10, 2017 at 8:03 PM
    • Anji SALZ Reply

      Ahh thank you so much!
      I am glad you love it! I think its a very chic ensemble!

      March 10, 2017 at 10:16 PM
  • Tia Reply

    ohhhhhhh finally!!! love it. waiting on your next photoshoot!!

    March 11, 2017 at 7:55 AM
    • Anji SALZ Reply

      Ahaha thanks!
      Yeah I have trouble keeping up at the moment since I also have two columns to write LOL

      March 11, 2017 at 7:17 PM
  • Froschmama Reply

    Du hast echt ein Händchen für stoff und Farbe. Das zweite gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Hoffe du hast bald noch mehr Photoshootings an so tollen Orten

    gruß Marion

    March 13, 2017 at 4:59 AM
    • Anji SALZ Reply

      Hallo Marion!
      Oh das freut mich dass es dir gefällt! 🙂
      Ja, ich hab jetzt in den nächsten 3 Wochen wohl noch 3 Photo shoots – bin schon am rotieren hier haha!

      March 13, 2017 at 11:41 PM

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