Tours / Workshops

Tours / Workshops

Looking for a personalized and special tour or workshop in Tokyo?

Our “SALZ Original Kimono Experiences” offer a variety of unique kimono related tours and workshops to choose from.

Are you just visiting Japan on holiday or actually live here? Don’t worry – Our tours will be individually customized to your needs and preferences to ensure you have a great time!


Would you like to wear an authentic Japanese kimono in style?

I believe the kimono experience to be something special and personal.


伝統的モダンなスタイルや大正ロマンやファッショナブルなどのスタイリングを行います。スタイリングする着物や小物はSALZ Tokyoでセレクトしてます。

For this reason I started offering my personalized kimono experience in which I will style you in a theme or colors of your choice. Do you want to try a modern edgy kimono look? Or a retro inspired look like in the 1920s? Perhaps you want to rock a kimono or rather have a cute and traditional dress code? Choose the theme and I will do what I love most – style you from head to toe!

The kimono and accessories selected are one of a kind vintage items or from my personal collection.

Once the outfit is decided, I will dress you and explain a little about the items you are wearing.

Afterwards let’s have a stroll through the neighborhood or travel to a scenic spot in Tokyo to take some pictures, casually enjoy the day and have some local delicacies if you like.

I’ll join you in kimono as well, so it is like a casual day with a friend.

  • Duration: 3-4 hours  
    (if you want to wear the kimono the whole day that’s possible too)
  • Price: 36,000 JPY incl. tax (or $330 USD / 290 EUR) 
    (Combo price: 2 person: 50,000 JPY / $450 USD (3-5 person please inquire first)
  • Time: flexible between 9 am to 8 pm
  • Languages: English, Japanese, German


  • ツアーの時間:3〜4時間(ご希望でしたら、着物はツアー後もレンタル可能です)
  • 価格: 36000円(税込)⭐︎ 二名なら合計 50000円 ⭐︎  3名〜はご相談を
  • 時間帯: 9時から20時の間 (日にちは相談の上、基本的フレキシブル)
  • 言語: 英語、日本語、ドイツ語

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What is included in this kimono experience?

  • A fun packed afternoon in an authentic kimono
  • Fashionable and personalized kimono styling you can’t get anywhere else
  • Full kimono rental for ladies & gents
  • Basic knowledge about kimono
  • A local stroll through Tokyo’s neighborhoods 
  • 6 edited pictures per person
SALZ 着物ツアーの内容は?
  • SALZによるお客様に合わせた着物スタイリング
  • 本格着物レンタル(着付け込み)女性も男性もOK!
  • 着物についての知識
  • 一緒に東京での散歩・お出かけ
  • 編集込みの写真6枚

Styles / Themes to choose from


  • Fashion / Harajuku 原宿系
  • Taisho Roman / Retro MoGa (1920s) 大正ロマン・モガ
  • Western clothing x Kimono mix 洋服とのミックス
  • Rock  ロック
  • Kawaii  かわいい
  • Traditional 伝統的スタイル

Or just let me know your favorite colors and look.


Locations / Activities:

Depending on your interests we can either just have a mellow stroll through the neighborhood or go somewhere funky where kimono will stand out for some cool pictures.

  • Temple / Japanese Garden / Historical Japanese houses (Taisho, Showa)
  • Street fashion edition: Edgy / Architecture / Harajuku / Game Center / Fun park
  • Tourist locations / famous Tokyo sights
  • Scenic retro café / restaurant / neighborhood stroll
  • Seasonal: Flower viewing (cherry blossom etc.), Ice skating or…



  • お寺、日本庭園、伝統的な日本建物
  • ストリートファッション: 街並み、変わったロケ、遊園地など
  • 喫茶店、レストランなど
  • 季節のロケーション: お花、祭り、アイススケートリンクなど
  • 観光地

What to bring / prepare:

  • Ladies: Wear a tank top and if possible sports bra or a no-wire bra
  • Men: tank top or low collar / v-neck shirt 
  • Makeup is not included / Hair can be done if preferred  (Makeup artist can be arranged for a surcharge)
  • Depending on the styling you may bring your own shoes / accessories if you like
  • Please tell me your body height and clothing size in advance
  • A picture of you in advance, so I can pick out the best outfit for you
  • Some change for train & food

I will arrange everything else to make sure you have a carefree and fun day!


  • 女性:下着は襟ぐりの低いタンクトップ、又はスポーツブラ、ワイヤーレスブラ(なるべく胸をつぶす方)
  • 男性:タンクトップ 襟が低いシャツ、Vネックシャツ
  • 希望でしたらヘアーセットあり、メイクは含まれません (別料金で予約可能)
  • 気に入りの靴やアクセサリーはご持参可能
  • 身長、体や足のサイズを事前にご連絡ください
  • スタインリングイメージをつかむためお写真をお願いすることはある
  • 電車、タクシー、食事のための小銭


※ When booking please let me know your body height & clothing size and preference of style & location. (I am happy to also suggest something based on your interests.)
※ I will individually plan the day based on your preferences.
※ Photos will be taken in a natural setting outside on the street or in another of our destinations. I will need up to 1 week to prepare the pictures and send you the data online.
※ If we travel by train you will need to pay your own ticket. Same applies for entrance fees etc.
※ Tours need to be fully pre-paid / Cancellations up to 3 days prior to the tour are fully refundable. Cancellations after or a no-show will result in full charge.
※ In case of bad weather conditions a re-schedule is possible.


※ 身長、サイズ、スタイル、希望の場所をご連絡ください。検討し、プランをたてます。ご希望に添えない場合もございます。
※ ツアーは、毎回、異なる場合があります。
※ 写真のお渡しは、1週間以上かかる場合がございます。
※ 交通費や食費、入場料などはツアー費用に含まれません。ご自身の負担となります。
※ すべて、先払いとなります。3日前までのキャンセルでは100%返金します。それ以降のキャンセルは、いかなる理由であっても、返金できません。
※ 天候不良の場合は、ツアーを別の日に行う場合がございます。


Would you like to buy a Japanese kimono as a souvenir or perhaps are looking to start wearing the traditional garment and don’t know where to begin?

As a passionate kimono wearer I am happy to guide you to my favorite vintage or new kimono shops in Tokyo. Not only do I know the best places for gorgeous and affordable kimono in town, but as a stylist with deep knowledge about the garments, I can help you put together a complete outfit according to your wishes and budget. Whether you are just visiting Japan or actually live here: With kimono shops being scrambled all over the place in Tokyo, it can get overwhelming to find gorgeous one-of-a-kind kimono.

Not knowing where, how and what items are needed to complete a kimono outfit, initially held me back several years before I started out with kimono. Helping to realize your kimono dreams comfortably and in a fun way is what I am here for.

SALZ Tokyoのお気に入りの着物のお店を回るツアーです。探している物やバジェットに合わせてツアーをアレンジして、着物買い物に同行します。 初心者なら着物の違い・必要なものなどの相談、スタイリングアドバイスももちろん!

  • Duration: 3-4 hours 
    (incl. traveling in-between shops)
  • Price: 25,000 JPY incl. tax ($230 USD / 200 EUR)
    (Combo price: 2 person: 38,000 JPY / $350 USD / Group up to 6 person: 50,000 JPY / $450 USD)
  • Time: flexible between 11 am to 8 pm
  • Languages: English, Japanese, German


  • ツアーの時間:3〜4時間
  • 価格: 25000円(税込)⭐︎ 二名なら合計 38000円 ⭐︎  6名まで 50000円
  • 時間帯: 11時から20時の間 (日にちは相談の上、基本的フレキシブル)
  • 言語: 英語、日本語、ドイツ語

↓Please navigate through the tabs below to get all the information 下記も読んでね↓

What is included in this kimono shopping tour?

  • Personal shopping tour customized to your needs and budget
  • Introduction of local shops off the beaten path
  • Help selecting the right items and size, styling of complete outfits
  • Learn about kimono in detail and get all your questions answered
  • A fun local guided experience through Tokyo
  • Everyone is welcome, not only ladies!
SALZ 着物買物ツアーとは?
  • ニーズとご予算に合わせた買い物ツアーです
  • 普通では見つかりにくいお店をご紹介
  • あなたに合ったサイズ、スタイルの着物を探しましょう
  • 着物について学びましょう
  • 男性もウェルカムです

Please let me know:

  • What kind of kimono / items you are looking for
  • Your budget
  • Your experience / level of kimono wearing
  • Kimono brands you like to visit (if applicable)

I will arrange everything to make sure you have a carefree and fun day!


  • 探している着物アイテムについて(新品、古着、アンティークなど・・ 着物?帯?着付け道具?など)
  • バジェットの目安
  • 着物の経験(初心者?)



※ When booking please let me know your individual needs or goal and approximate budget.
(Vintage kimono are most affordable, new or custom kimono are also an option.)
※ I will plan a tour based on where I think we can find the best items suited for you.
※ On the day we will travel to several of my selected shops and I will help you browse for kimono items needed.
※ Happy to answer all your questions about kimono during the tour, so ask away!
※ If we travel by train you will need to pay your own ticket. Same applies for entrance fees etc.
※ Tours need to be fully pre-paid / Cancellations up to 3 days prior to the tour are fully refundable. Cancellations after or a no-show will result in full charge.
※ In case of bad weather conditions a re-schedule is possible.


※ お買い物ご予算、希望の場所をご連絡ください。検討し、プランをたてます。ご希望に添えない場合もございます。中古着物はお手ごろ価格ですが、新しい着物やお仕立て着物のお店もツアー可能です。
※ 行く場所は教えて頂いた案件の上、こちらで決めます。選んだお店にいって、置物選びをお手伝いします。
※ ツアー中、ぜひ着物について色々聞いてみてください。
※ 交通費や食費、入場料などはツアー費用に含まれません。ご自身の負担となります。
※ すべて、先払いとなります。3日前までのキャンセルでは100%返金します。それ以降のキャンセルは、いかなる理由であっても、返金できません。
※ 天候不良の場合は、ツアーを別の日に行う場合がございます。


Who is behind all this?

Hi, I am Anji! Born and raised in Germany, I call Tokyo my home for over 8 years now. Apart from wearing Japanese kimono all the time, working with them became my passion. I am an allrounder on the kimono topic and my work includes kimono styling for photo shoots, writing about them, events and selling some select items online.

My goal is to inspire more people inside and outside of Japan to wear kimono, so I am offering this personalized experience to spread my passion and create some lovely memories. If you have any questions, feel free to write me any time.



If you have any questions, would like to book or have a special request, please reach out via our contact form.






Hello Anji, I wanted to express a little bit my whole experience and words of gratitude to you! 

I was literally honored to be your first customer to experience such a magnificent experience of wearing a Japanese kimono that you styled for me! It was a great day and not only the whole wearing part or taking pictures, but talking with you was so fun and i felt so positive and happy afterwards! I wish you only the best and hope you will have many customers and lots and lots of fun! 

I was very nervous about lots of things at first and you know my start of the day was not best because of allergy, but i am glad i could cope with it and even without a make up we got great pictures! 

Especial thanks for always tying my shoes >.< 

You really inspired me to keep my own journey into the world of Japanese traditional wear and i will always get inspiration from you. 

I absolutely love your style and you are totally an amazing inspirational person! Keep up your great work.



Anji is such an amazing person. Before the kimono tour she asked me a lot about what kind of style, colors I like the most so she could choose the best kimono for me.

During the tour, Anji was very easy to talk to, open minded and patient. I would recommend her for anybody who wants to wear vintage/original kimono.

I booked Anji for the Kimono Styling tour and I am SO happy that I did! Anji is so knowledgeable, approachable and patient. She took what I wanted and presented unbelievable options for my tour. From the faux capelet, the red Moschino gloves to the retro up-cycled obi! Everything was a dream! The attention of detail she puts into her work really makes her stand out.

She made me feel so comfortable being in front of the camera despite being in a completely different country with different customs and my own personal language barrier to deal with. I chose the option for a hair & makeup artist, and I had no regrets. The HMUA Anji was in contact was professional, and delivered what I wanted.  I have ALOT of stubborn curly hair. So transforming my hair into a “vintage vibe” is no small feat!

I have to disclose that it was still quite hot and humid when we did the tour, but my hair and makeup completely stayed in place! The pictures that Anji delivered are absolutely AMAZING!!
I love how there’s a good balance between candid and posed photos. Anji went above and beyond my expectations in terms of professionalism, attitude and flexibility. I just wanted to thank you for being able to make this kimono styling tour the best experience I’ve had!

Nicole (@haniico)

Really glad to have joined Salz’s Kimono experience tour with my better half before the government allowed travelling to tokyo officially.
We chanced upon Salz’s instagram and fell in love with her kimono style and thought it would be a good idea to have a fun casual photoshoot before our actual wedding photoshoot in Korea.
Anji is really friendly and I felt comfortable to discuss with her about the styles, themes we would like.
She offers a variety of kimonos and is generous for letting us use some of her accessories for the photoshoot.
The makeup and hairstyling was not in the package but it can be arranged at a reasonable price.
The guys helping with the makeup & hair are very friendly and brimming with positivity too.
I felt so much positivity on that day surrounded by people who love what they are doing.
Me and my husband were totally in love with the kimonos we have chosen.
We really appreciate Anji’s effort to make sure that the places we are visiting were opened on that day.
She brought us to a teahouse near Shibamata and we also walked around Asakusa.
She shared with us her knowledge on kimono throughout the trip and you can just feel her loves for kimono.
I will definitely recommend my overseas friends to join this tour when they visit Japan.


Tricia & JaeWoo




I had a wonderful time visiting various kimono shops with Anji on our kimono shopping tour!

She was able to make a special introduction at a kimono design company I had admired for a long time, allowing us to visit their HQ which is not normally open to the public! It was such a special and unique experience that I never would have been able to arrange on my own.

In addition to this, we visited an array of vintage kimono shops as well where I found some beautiful antique pieces. We both found some really special, unique kimono pieces and I can’t wait to wear them back home!



As a person who is interested in wearing kimono, I can tell that the kimono tour by SALZ Tokyo is a great opportunity for diving into the world of kimono. Especially if you are beginner you can explore various cool shops together with Anji as an advisor and you will learn a lot about the traditional Japanese garment.

Even if you are a professional in wearing kimono, you may will find special items and get some insider tips about the best shops in Tokyo. As far as I am concerned, I intended to buy some modern kimono items, so the tour was specially geared to my request and my budget.

Besides the choice of shops, Anji is a pleasant and open-minded person standing by your side as your advisor. Not only that she supported me to find fitting kimono items, she even explained a lot about the kimono culture in Japan. Especially for me as a beginner in wearing kimono, the tour helped me to improve my knowledge about kimono.

I can strongly recommend the kimonotour and I am looking forward to wear my freshly purchased kimono outfits. I bought a lot of cool Items within my budget, I explored interesting shops and all in all I had a great day. The kimonotour by SALZ Tokyo will be an unforgettable memory of my journey in Japan.