「リニューアルオープン」Renewal open!

こんにちは、皆さん! This blog has been inactive for months! And all that has a reason: I was working and renewing this homepage as well as implementing a shop directly in here. Many of you know that I have been selling selected kimono items via a platform called (-> My Etsy shop) I will continue to do so. Etsy has been a great venue for me to learn and grow. Thanks to everyone, my shop got so many lovely reviews!! Yet, I also want to [...]


「浴衣でグランドキャニオン」Grand Canyon in Yukata

Last month I went to the United States for a bit – including Las Vegas, its nearby Grand Canyon and California. 実は、先月はアメリカに行ってまいりました。ラスベガスとグランドキャニオン(付近)です。 You probably already know me better – of course I did not go there in Western clothing! Why let the chance slip to wear kimono or at least yukata in such a scenic location? Since I could only travel with a tiny suitcase this time, bringing a full Japanese kimono outfit wasn’t an option – but a yukata (cotton kimono) [...]


「着物でスノボ」Snowboarding in kimono

When living in Germany I never got the chance to do any Wintersports apart from ice skating, but 3 years ago my husband taught my how to stand on the snowboard. We flew up to Hokkaido and went snowboarding for 3 days – in the beginning I kept falling on my knees and ass but on the 3rd day I had lots of fun! Since then time passed super fast and I got insecure if I could still do it. When [...]


「戌年」Happy New Kimono Year!

Happy New Year also on my blog! Thanks so much for reading in the past year and here is to hoping you are having an awesome 2018 – hopefully in kimono! My start in the year was rather unspectacular as I got pretty sick on new years eve and just spent it watching TV with my Japanese family (and killing a bottle of Sangria by myself.. to kill the germs of course haha) After the new year rang we went out to [...]


「注染」How to: Yukata Pt.2 / Chuusen dyeing

※Continued from my previous article / 前回の記事の続きです To continue the journey of my original yukata let us take a look at the next step: Fabric dyeing. In this case the traditional Japanese dyeing method called: 伝統的なオリジナル浴衣の旅の続きです。ついに、染めに入ります: Chuusen (注染) This craft of dyeing has been invented in the Meiji period (1868-1912) in Osaka and is a very practical way of dyeing a long bolt of fabric at once. My fabric was dyed in Hamamatsu though. 明治時代の大阪で生まれた染め技術「注染(ちゅうせん)」は12mの反物を染めるために便利な方法だそうです。 今回は静岡県浜松市の染め工房さんに染めて頂きました。 The steps look like this: ① Adding of paste For kimono and yukata usually [...]


「趣通信にインタビューされた」Interview with Omomuki

Recently I had a fun interview with Kevin from 趣通信 (Omomuki Tsuushin) (a popular kimono site) about what sparked my interest in kimono and what inspires me. It was a great open dialog and we laughed a lot. The interview is only available in Japanese, but if you are interested please have a look: この間は趣通信にお世話になりました。 「趣着物」とのハッシュタグでInstagramでも大人気の着物・和の紹介をされるケビンさんにインタビューされました。 着物を着るきっかけから私のインスピレーションなどについて、色々楽しく話しました。ワクワク〜 お互い着物に夢中で幸せな時間すごせた。お誘い本当にありがとうございました。 是非このインタビューを読んでみて♡ 写真も様々よ。 最後に「ケビンポーズ」(笑)ケビンさんのオリジナルポーズでよくイベントでも盛り上がります。 PS: I am wearing my watermelon design yukata! One is available for purchase in my shop. 手作りのデザイン浴衣をきています。一点のみですが、通販で販売しています: 趣通信もぜひフォローしてみて。着物の着付けてやイベントについても色々便利な情報があります。 Homepage: Instagram: Facebook: Best, Anji