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「着物ワークショップ」Kimono workshops in NYC

During and after the Fudangi exhibition I wrote about in my last post, I also scheduled my first time ever kimono related workshops and some photo shoots. (Because how often do you have the chance to capture the NYC skyline with kimono?) ニューヨークにきてます! 前の記事で紹介したニューヨークにある「普段着物展示会」の前後にワークショップや着物の撮影もしてみました。 (着物姿をニューヨークで撮るならインパクトあるかなと思って・・笑) Prior to my trip I asked my followers on social media what kind of workshop they would like to attend when I am in New York / what they need help with in regards of kimono. And the majority [...]


「日本髪の結い方」How to: Nihongami

This post is long overdue but now I am finally getting to it: ずっと書きたかったブログ・・ How to make Nihongami – a traditional Japanese hairstyle 簡単の日本髪の結い方を紹介したいと思います。 I am by no means a professional nor do I know a lot about the traditions and different ways of tying this hair! However some people seemed to want to try this when wearing kimono, so I am sharing my insights here. It is not the hairstyle of a Maiko or Geisha, but something more generic I suppose. 外国人より紹介するのも可笑しいですが、日本髪に興味を持ってる海外の方はいますよ。ただ、英語での説明は中々ないので、こちらから少しでも助け合えたら嬉しいと思ってます。 プロではないし、伝統的な日本髪でもないので、よろしくお願いします。 What you need: [...]


StyleShare Japan Interview

 The other day I got interviewed by the fashion app “StyleShare” about life and what inspires me. StyleShare is a popular fashion style app from Korea, where you can upload your coordinates and beauty pictures and tag the brands you wear. この間、スタイルシェアにインタビューをされました ☆ スタイルシェアは韓国と日本の人気ファッションアップリです。毎日のファッションコーデやビューティー商品をシェアできますし、トレンドを見れて楽しいアップリです。 I use this app for a while now and it has many users across Japan and Asia. The interview was posted only in Japanese and some people wanted to read it – so I posted it up here with English [...]


SHU UEMURA x MAISON KITSUNÉ launch party Tokyo

Last Friday I went to the SHU UEMURA x MAISON KITSUNÉ launch party at Idol Tokyo. Everyone was celebrating the makeup collaboration of those two amazing brands. Upon arrival we were given a fox mask and a coupon to try their new lashes out – which my friend and I of course took advantage of immediately. Mappy (the 14 year old super-girl) was one of the special guest this night and boosted up our mood with her jazzy piano skills. Afterwards we had time to take a [...]


Lady Petrova Pop up in Harajuku, Tokyo ポップアップショップ原宿

On Friday I was invited to the Lady Petrova Pop-up Shop Party in Harajuku, Tokyo. Lady Petrova is an Australian fashion brand with lovely feminine dresses which are yet playful and creative! I met Petrova last year at when she had a pop up shop in the same location – at Girly Rose Tokyo – we stayed friends since then. So this time she brought over her summer collection! 金曜日はLady Petrovaのポップアップショップパーティーに行ってきた。 Lady Petrovaはオーストラリアのファッションブランドで可愛いでカラフルなドレスなどのファッションブランド。 去年のポップアップ@Girly Rose Tokyo で出会って、友達になったことで、今年も参加しました。 サマーコレクションを持ってきてくれた♡ Very cute designs! Unfortunately on Friday the rain was pouring [...]


MAYBELLINE 100 Years Anniversary Party, Tokyo メイベリン100周年記念日

I guess you all know the Make-up company MAYBELLINE New York, right? Well these lovelies turned 100 years now! What an amazing number! To celebrate, Maybelline New York hosted parties across the globe – and Tokyo was one of the locations! I had the chance to celebrate with them on Wednesday. Before heading to the event I met up with my friend Nicola who is a fellow German, blogger and photographer (Her styles and works: It was a rainy day, one of [...]