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「帯締め管理」How to restore obijime tassels

I usually buy only vintage or antique obijime (kimono chord) and most of you are probably familiar with the sometimes pretty beat up tassels. 中古やアンティークの帯締めを買うとタッセルはぐちゃぐちゃのアイテムは多いですね。 私は少し怠け者でそんなに気にしないけど、「Naomi no kimono asobi」が帯締めの管理やタッセルのリメークについて分かりやすい説明を発表しました。 As a rather lazy person I tend to not care much, but the other day I stumbled upon this instruction by “Naomi no kimono asobi” about how to restore those ugly tassels. Since its such a great tutorial, I really wanted to share it with you and Naomi gave me her blessing. She states: “Unfortunately, [...]