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「撮影」Dirndl vs. Kimono Photoshoot


A few weeks back I had another fun photo shoot with a more complex theme and location. Also I upped the number of models to two! 最近、面白い撮影を考えてみました。今回は、少し深い意味の着物撮影で、モデルさんは二人で! Dirndl vs. Kimono Photoshoot ディルンドル vs 着物 As the name suggests it actually was no competition yet I came up with this idea inspired by the ever boiling "cultural appropriation" topic in ...

「掲載された」WAttention Tokyo Magazine


Recently I had an interview with the free magazine WAttention Tokyo about my work and story. 以前、観光客向けのフリー雑誌「WAttention Tokyo」にインタビューされました。 The magazine is aimed at tourists and available across the globes airports and hotels. The Tokyo Magazine is Japan exclusive of course and if you want to pick one up yourself - the Vol.24 with my interview is still ...



Last weekend I also headed to the HIROCOLEDGE 10 Years Anniversary. HIROCOLEDGE is the brand led and designed by Artist Hiroko Takahashi. Patterns consisting of circles and straight lines are her trademark and she likes to create minimalist works, supporting Japanese culture and lifestyle. While working on her PhD of arts, she founded Hirocoledge in 2006 - which ...