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「趣通信にインタビューされた」Interview with Omomuki

Recently I had a fun interview with Kevin from 趣通信 (Omomuki Tsuushin) (a popular kimono site) about what sparked my interest in kimono and what inspires me. It was a great open dialog and we laughed a lot. The interview is only available in Japanese, but if you are interested please have a look: https://ommki.com/news/archives/11582 この間は趣通信にお世話になりました。 […]

「掲載された」WAttention Tokyo Magazine

Recently I had an interview with the free magazine WAttention Tokyo about my work and story. 先日、観光客向けのフリー雑誌「WAttention Tokyo」にインタビューされました。 The magazine is aimed at tourists and available across the globes airports and hotels. The Tokyo Magazine is Japan exclusive of course and if you want to pick one up yourself – the Vol.24 with my interview […]

「毎日ウィークリーの着物コラム」Mainichi Weekly Kimono column

In November I had an interview and photoshoot with the Mainichi Shinbun (one of the biggest newspaper in Japan) as some of you may remember. 11月は毎日新聞とインタビュー及び撮影しました。 That time I wasn’t allowed to speak about it really but now I can lay my cards open: There now is a SALZ Kimono column From this month on, […]

「着物についてのインタビュー」Interview with The Daily Dot

After someone took a photo of me wearing the Space Invaders kimono in a train station and putting it online, Twitter completely blew up so that the photo/tweet was seen by 1.4 Million people and was retweeted over 15,000 times. この間、手作りのスペースインベーダー着物でお出かけしたところ、駅に「着物の写真を撮っていいですか?すごいですね!」との事がありました。 顔なしの写真でしたのに、次の日ツイッターを見たら友達からのメッセージで「コレもしかしてアンジーですか?話題になってるよ!!」で先日の写真が!! とんでもない事になってた!オー 今まで見た人の数はなんと140万人で、リツイートは1万5千回以上です。 I didn’t know about it until a friend tweeted me like […]

StyleShare Japan Interview

 The other day I got interviewed by the fashion app “StyleShare” about life and what inspires me. StyleShare is a popular fashion style app from Korea, where you can upload your coordinates and beauty pictures and tag the brands you wear. この間、スタイルシェアにインタビューをされました ☆ スタイルシェアは韓国と日本の人気ファッションアップリです。毎日のファッションコーデやビューティー商品をシェアできますし、トレンドを見れて楽しいアップリです。 I use this app for a while now and it has many users […]

Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて

Last week I got interviewed about my fashion, brand and thoughts on the Night Fever King Blog. This blog is dedicated to Japanese and/or Alternative culture and fashion. To make it easier to read, I just pasted his article here, but make sure to check out his nice blog if you have time: https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com 一週間前、Night Fever […]