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「注染」How to: Yukata Pt.2 / Chuusen dyeing


※Continued from my previous article / 前回の記事の続きです To continue the journey of my original yukata let us take a look at the next step: Fabric dyeing. In this case the traditional Japanese dyeing method called: 伝統的なオリジナル浴衣の旅の続きです。ついに、染めに入ります: Chuusen (注染) This craft of dyeing has been invented in the Meiji period (1868-1912) in Osaka and is a very practical way of dyeing ...

「浴衣の型紙」How to: Yukata Pt.1 / Traditional stencil cutting


For a long time I wanted to make my own design kimono or yukata the traditional way. In April I finally went onto a tiny journey to make this happen. 前から自分でデザインした着物が欲しかった。そして伝統的な技術を味わいながら作品を作る夢がありました。 そして、ついに今年の4月にその夢は現実になった! Here is my story. How to: Yukata Part 1 - Japanese stencil cutting 浴衣の作り方:パート1 ー 着物の型紙を彫る Before departing I found some information about a newly to be opened place where you can ...