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「着物撮影ニューヨーク」Kimono photo shoots in NYC

For my duration in New York I also organized some fun kimono photo shoots with the city as a back drop. The first shoot was with the personality Candy Ken who is a singer and model with a strong message for gender equalization and freedom of expressing yourself. He loves Hello Kitty and pink items and strives to draw attention in order to spread a positive message worldwide. Although he doesn’t live in New York our schedules magically matched up and [...]


「きものサローネ・着物ショー」Kimono Salone Shows

The weekend was full of kimono fun again – Kimono Salone was opening its doors for a second event this autumn. 先週末は「きものサローネ」へ行ってきました。先月と違って、展示会によりきものショーはメインでした。 Read about the previous event here 先月のきものサローネ・レポートはこちら: 「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone Finally it also is cold enough to wear some thicker kimono, so I could wear my Jotaro Saito Jersey kimono for the first time. (When I purchased it, it was hot summer.) Combined with an antique and vibrant obi this was a very nice outfit. (Apart from the fact that nothing worked that day and [...]


JOTARO SAITO AW16 Collection Up Close

A couple of days ago my friend Kumiko invited me to check out the JOTARO SAITO AW16/17 kimono collection up close. Now we both saw these beautiful pieces on the runway at Tokyo Fashion Week – but it’s a big difference to actually see them close and being able to touch the fabrics. 今週は友達の久美子さんに誘って頂いて、JOTARO SAITOの新コレクションを近くから見たり触ったりことができました。ランウェイショーで見るのは素晴らしいけど、やはり手にとって見るのは違いますね。☆ My kimono coordinate was dark and cool. A black silk komon with ships paired with an antique haori jacket and a modern python print obi from Rumi Rock. The [...]