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「黒留ナイト@東京キモノショー」Kurotome night @ Tokyo Kimono Show

On the 30th of April I joined the fun “Kurotome Night” at the week long Tokyo Kimono Show at COREDO near Nihonbashi. For that event about a 100 people joined in the dress-code “kurotomesode” (黒留袖)which is a formal black kimono with a colourful artwork only in the bottom third of the kimono. This kimono usually […]

「桜と黒装の宴」Black Kimono Event Tokyo

Black kimono vs. bright cherry blossom! A fun kimono event in Tokyo.
明るい桜 VS 黒い着物姿!新宿御苑での楽しい着物イベントレポート。