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「秋の着物撮影」Photo shoots from autumn

Currently there is still quite a backlog of kimono photo shoots and events I went to and haven’t written about yet so I will post a bit about stuff I did back in October/November. One last minute, yet rather difficult shoot to execute (in terms of location and props) was with the popular Russian model and artist Ellen Sheidlin aka. Sheidlina. With an incredible current following of 3.7 Million people on Instagram I was super intrigued that she wanted to work [...]


「谷崎潤一郎の着物ギャラリー」 Junichiro Tanizaki Kimono Gallery

Last month I was invited to join a fun group of kimono enthusiasts and check out a lovely kimono exhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition carried the name of Junichiro Tanizaki (a famous Japanese novelist 1886-1965) who wrote about and drew many women in lovely (now antique) kimono. The gallery showcased a lovely collection of taisho roman kimono and accessories and was hold in the Yayoi Museum in Tokyo. 先月は着物好きのグループに誘い、弥生美術館の「谷崎潤一郎文学の着物を見る」に行ってきました。 あまり詳しくないですが、文章やモデルになった姉妹の写真を元にして、忠実に着物を再現して展示したそうです。 大正ロマン着物たっぷりの展覧会でした。 Unfortunately it was not permitted to take photos inside the museum [...]


Autumn in Kyoto

Due to business I had the chance to get back to Kyoto earlier than expected. Also an awesome and timely coincidence that my best Tokyo and kimono friend was in Kyoto at the exact same time so one day we could meet and  wear kimono together. My outfit consists of my favourite antique yellow silk komon a blue rather modern Nagoya obi and a vibrant antique haori jacket. The style of my friend features a black komon with pink plum blossoms [...]