London Fashion Week September 2014

London Fashion Week September 2014

Today I would like to share some experience from the London Fashion Week in September.


I supported a friend to build up her booth at the Fashion Week exhibition rooms and got access to all show rooms.

On day 1 my clothing of choice was a vintage velvet dress (Made in Germany, oh so proud!) with my Union Jack socks and boots from Dr.Martens.


My makeup looked like this: (Eyeshadow from Illamasqua)


When I arrived at the Somerset House in London, there was already a lot of people gathering to see the fashion live stream or gather with their friends.



A lot of photographers were waiting to photograph some interesting fashionable people.

Just when I wanted to go into the halls I bumped into Zoe London – a beauty and fashionblogger I totally adore! I was so surprised and happy to see her. Zoe was super lovely and we had a quick chat and took some pictures. Together we drew a lot of attention with our similar hair colors.


Thanks again Zoe!

Inside the Somerset House I helped my friend to build up her show room. Her design label is called YUZZO LONDON.


This is my favourite dress from her collection:


After we were set, I explored the other brands show rooms with my all access pass. (Usually only buyers and press can get access!)




In a hidden staircase I discovered all the umbrellas hanging. So sweet!


On a different day I joined the LFW with my friend Jin.


My outfit on this day is a colorful vintage mix of a designer skirt (a rare sample item!) and a Monki blouse as well as a checkered vintage jacket.


This lady looked also absolutely stunning..


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