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「和裁」Wasai – The art of kimono sewing

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Last year in October I started with Wasai (和裁) - traditional kimono sewing by hand. I am being taught by a sensei which has been a professional kimono tailor for over 50 years. My lessons are once every week for 5 hours to learn the art of kimono sewing. To be honest - it is quite tough! One ...

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「築地の盆踊り」Bon Odori in Tsukiji

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A week ago I went to a Bon Odori (Bon Dance) for the first time. Those traditional bon dance festivals are basically held in all bigger neighbourhoods, but I really wanted to see a big one, so I picked out the Tsukiji one in Tokyo. 始めて盆踊りに行ってきました。 日本へ引っ越してきてから5年以上経ちましたが、盆踊りに参加したことないです。ありえないでしょう? 盆踊りは何処にもあるはずですが、大きい祭りをみたいと思って築地の盆踊りを選んでみました。 I arrived a little before the scheduled start of the shows and ...

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「黒船祭」Black Ship Festival 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Every year in May, a festival to celebrate the opening of Japan for trade in 1854 by American Matthew Perry is being held in Shimoda, Izu. 毎年5月が下田市(伊豆)の黒船祭です。 The foreign big ships with black colour and charcoal steam-powered were called "black ships" by Japanese. Those black ships landed in Yokosuka and also Shimoda and the first trade agreement between ...

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「斉藤三才」Saito Sansai – Roots of Jotaro Saito

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Many of you probably already know about JOTARO SAITO, a kimono brand from Kyoto which I reported about previously. (At Tokyo Fashion Week & The store) 着物好きやブログを読んでる皆さんはJOTARO SAITOと言う着物ブランドを知ってますよね? 今回はこのブランドの歴史を紐解いてみたいと思います。 (前回の記事:東京コレクション & 絹磨xJOTARO SAITOの紹介) JOTARO SAITO actually comes from a traditional line of kimono artisans in Kyoto. His father Saito Sansai also designs kimono (and revolutionised the industry already ...

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「秩父銘仙:新啓織物 ほぐし織り」Chichibu Meisen Hogushi Weaving

Monday, July 18, 2016

(Continuing from my previous article about Chichibu Meisen Museum & Nassen dyeing.) 秩父銘仙や捺染の続きです。 If you have read my introduction of Meisen and Nassen dyeing you might be curious now what would happen to those silk threads after they got their lovely design and colour? To find out we visited Arakei Orimono a small traditional family owned factory workshop in ...

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