Nakasendo Diary

The Nakasendo is one of the ancient highways which connected Kyoto with Edo (Tokyo). It stretches over 532 km and was walked on foot to deliver goods and letters in old times. I want to experience what people had to go through and discover Japan on foot – so here I’ll log down my experience day by day!
昔の生活は大変だっただろうね。その大変さと日本をもっと詳しく味わえるため、中山道を歩くことにしました。東京から京都まで532 kmもかかる旅について、毎日こちらでアップデートしたいと思います。

「22日目」Day 22


The last day! I felt amazing this morning when I woke up, and even happier after I moved the curtains to the side and saw that it wasn't raining as promised. When we got ready though, the room started rocking a bit. Earthquake! I didn't feel one in a long time. Switching on the TV showed that ...

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「21日目」Day 21


I'll start today's diary with a rant, because my husband keeps getting up around 5 or so every day to do some work on his laptop (yes he brought his heavy laptop on the journey)... He also types or more like hacks around on the keyboard or moves around in the room which completely cuts my ...

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「20日目」Day 20


Around 08:15 we started at Toriimoto-juku and walked down on the same street. Just straight following the street winding through small villages and crossing occasionally rivers. The sun burned with no mercy even I got sunburnt already in the half cloudy weather yesterday. 鳥居本宿に出てから、ほとんど同じ道を真っ直ぐに降りた感じて行きました。 たまに宿や川をを通りました。 It was so hot we had to take two breaks when the sun was at ...

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「19日目」Day 19


Today the weather was great again - cloudy with a hint of sun. Not too hot. I overslept by an hour but we were still fine. Took the train back to Sekigahara where we left off yesterday and started walking towards Kyoto. 今日はまた歩きやすい天気でした。1時間ほど寝坊しましたが、無事に電車で関ヶ原まで行って昨日帰ったところからピックアップ。 We passed some key points of the Sekigahara battle and kept on walking through some ...

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「18日目」Day 18


It was heavily raining as expected today so I slept a little longer (not getting up at 6:30 like usual). We had some bread and took the train back to Tarui to continue where we left off yesterday... But a car stopped on the railway crossing so we were stuck on the train for over 2 ...

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「17日目」Day 17


Today my body still hasn't recovered completely even I slept quite well. My feet and muscles felt tired all day long and we had to take more breaks. よく寝たのに、今日も体の疲れは取れてなかった。足と筋肉はちょっとだるかったな。 We passed Gifu City and walked all the way close to the next mountain to Tarui-juku. Since there are no hotels in the area we took a train back ...

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