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「日本髪の結い方」How to: Nihongami


This post is long overdue but now I am finally getting to it: ずっと書きたかったブログ・・ How to make Nihongami - a traditional Japanese hairstyle 簡単の日本髪の結い方を紹介したいと思います。 I am by no means a professional nor do I know a lot about the traditions and different ways of tying this hair! However some people seemed to want to try this when wearing kimono, ...

StyleShare Japan Interview


 The other day I got interviewed by the fashion app "StyleShare" about life and what inspires me. StyleShare is a popular fashion style app from Korea, where you can upload your coordinates and beauty pictures and tag the brands you wear. この間、スタイルシェアにインタビューをされました ☆ スタイルシェアは韓国と日本の人気ファッションアップリです。毎日のファッションコーデやビューティー商品をシェアできますし、トレンドを見れて楽しいアップリです。 I use this app for a while now and it has many users across Japan and ...

MAYBELLINE 100 Years Anniversary Party, Tokyo メイベリン100周年記念日


I guess you all know the Make-up company MAYBELLINE New York, right? Well these lovelies turned 100 years now! What an amazing number! To celebrate, Maybelline New York hosted parties across the globe - and Tokyo was one of the locations! I had the chance to celebrate with them on Wednesday. Before heading to the event I met ...