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「デザイン草履」SALZ Tokyo Zouri

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last autumn I designed and had my own and first SALZ Tokyo zouri sandals made. After testing them several months I'm still super excited, so I wanted to properly show them here: 数ヶ月前、初めてのデザイン草履を作って頂いたぁ〜 SALZ Tokyoの初草履だわ! 回数を履いた上に、ちゃんと紹介したいと思います: Even it sounds like what everybody would say who made their own item - they are genuinely the most comfy and favourite zouri I ...

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「レトロ着物撮影」Kimono flapper girl photo shoot

Friday, March 10, 2017

Before the ones in Kyoto, I actually had my first own produced kimono photo shoot last December. The idea occurred to me after my friend and I visited a private open house exhibit in October 2016. It was a stunning house, previously owned by a photographer named Nakamura. It had been well preserved in its old ...

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「京都で着物撮影」Kimono photoshoots in Kyoto

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

At the beginning of this month I went to Kyoto for some work and photo shoots. お仕事や撮影のため、京都へ行ってまいりました。 Well, and once there I also have to eat all the delicious things in my favourite restaurants. Like eel, yuba and warabimochi.. まっ、でもやはり京都って美味しい食品の多い街ですので、色々食べたくなるわ(笑) 京都に行くと大体行ってるお店も決まってるし。うなぎや湯葉、そしてわらび餅も大好きです。 This kimono was actually handed down to me from my husbands grandma. I love it! The patterns are so ...

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「着物でドイツ&イギリス」Kimono in Germany and UK

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wow.. this was a long Blog break. I headed kind of last minute to my hometown in Germany for Christmas and New Years. Ah and... Happy belated New Year to you! Hope this year brings a lot of happiness and success. So as I said I went to Northern Germany and also visited London for a couple of days ...

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「秋」Autumn feels

Monday, December 5, 2016

Last week we had a sudden curtain of snowfall here in the Tokyo area and I was a little worried - as I didn't have time yet to go out and appreciate the autumn foliage properly. 先週の雪で少しパニックになった。「まだ紅葉を楽しむ時間はなかったのに、もう冬??」と思ってました。 Thankfully 2 days later we had bombastic weather so I jumped back into my kimono to embrace the yellow and ...

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「着物で四日間」4 days of kimono

Sunday, November 27, 2016

How are you doing? Hopefully not caught a cold? To be honest, I was down with some kinda flu or heavy cold 2 weeks ago. And that is also one of the reasons my blog was a bit silent. Took me some time to recover but I am almost good now. And once I was good I ...

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