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「毎日ウィークリーの着物コラム」Mainichi Weekly Kimono column


In November I had an interview and photoshoot with the Mainichi Shinbun (one of the biggest newspaper in Japan) as some of you may remember. 11月は毎日新聞とインタビュー及び撮影しました。 That time I wasn't allowed to speak about it really but now I can lay my cards open: There now is a SALZ Kimono column From this month on, I am writing a ...

「日本髪の結い方」How to: Nihongami


This post is long overdue but now I am finally getting to it: ずっと書きたかったブログ・・ How to make Nihongami - a traditional Japanese hairstyle 簡単の日本髪の結い方を紹介したいと思います。 I am by no means a professional nor do I know a lot about the traditions and different ways of tying this hair! However some people seemed to want to try this when wearing kimono, ...

「帯締め管理」How to restore obijime tassels


I usually buy only vintage or antique obijime (kimono chord) and most of you are probably familiar with the sometimes pretty beat up tassels. 中古やアンティークの帯締めを買うとタッセルはぐちゃぐちゃのアイテムは多いですね。 私は少し怠け者でそんなに気にしないけど、「Naomi no kimono asobi」が帯締めの管理やタッセルのリメークについて分かりやすい説明を発表しました。 As a rather lazy person I tend to not care much, but the other day I stumbled upon this instruction by "Naomi no kimono asobi" about how to restore ...