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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last weekend I also headed to the HIROCOLEDGE 10 Years Anniversary. HIROCOLEDGE is the brand led and designed by Artist Hiroko Takahashi. Patterns consisting of circles and straight lines are her trademark and she likes to create minimalist works, supporting Japanese culture and lifestyle. While working on her PhD of arts, she founded Hirocoledge in 2006 - which ...

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「FKI展 & ルミロック」Year end kimono fun

Monday, December 12, 2016

Time seems to fly faster and faster these weeks. It's December and suddenly I feel overwhelmed with work - but that's a great thing after having a little too silent past months. Colder weather and the years final month calls for kimono events and the popular "忘年会" Year-end parties! So I found myself running around between 4 ...

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「きものサローネ・着物ショー」Kimono Salone Shows

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The weekend was full of kimono fun again - Kimono Salone was opening its doors for a second event this autumn. 先週末は「きものサローネ」へ行ってきました。先月と違って、展示会によりきものショーはメインでした。 Read about the previous event here 先月のきものサローネ・レポートはこちら: 「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone Finally it also is cold enough to wear some thicker kimono, so I could wear my Jotaro Saito Jersey kimono for the first time. (When I purchased it, it was ...

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「ツイード着物 Sumire Ishioka」Tweed Kimono – a dream come true

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

For a while I have been circulating fabric houses and dreaming of making kimono with "western" fabric - including velvet, lace, cotton and tweed. One lovely woman made my dreams come true: 以前から生地屋さんに回るとき、洋服でよく使われてるベルベット、レース、コットンやツイードで着物を作る夢があります。ツイードの着物はすでにデビューしたことが分かりませんでした! ツイード着物デザイナー: SUMIRE ISHIOKA This young but talented designer worked many years on searching and designing the perfect tweed for splendid kimonos. I visited her showroom in Daikanyama, Tokyo ...

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「ルミ⭐︎レタル」Rumi x Retar Collaboration

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Finally we have internet in our new place! So I can start trying to catch up on all the recent events and places I went.. I am wayyy late. 引っ越してからの一ヶ月後にやっとインターネットを設置して頂いた。 それで、(遅いけど)最近のイベントなどについてどんどんブログ上げますね。 First a quick intro for the Rumi x Retar Collab and Rumi Rock's new items. I went to their 3 day pop up shop in Nakameguro to check it ...

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「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Yesterday I jumped back into my kimono, did my hair and went to Kimono Salone - a 3 day event / exhibition of kimono brands in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. 昨日は久々に着物でお出かけしました。初めての「きものサローネ」へ! But let's start from the beginning - as always with my outfit: I finally tried to do Nihongami again. It was quite a fight, because I used a cheap ...

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