Kimono addict

A fashion chameleon - changing the style depending on the day and mood. I have a deep passion for Harajuku fashion and Japanese kimono.


“Arranging different colours and items is like creating a piece of art.”


Settled over from Northern Germany to Japan in 2010 and fell in love with Japanese fashion, particularly the Harajuku scene. Over the years my passion for traditional aspects grew as well and I started to embrace Japanese kimono and learned how to style them.

The feeling when you wear these pieces just had me hooked, the way you move and behave seems to change, to me kimono have something magical. After all they are a piece of art, antique items even have a story: been passed from generation to generation.

My goal is to spread the word and interest in kimono in Japan and overseas. I want to inspire with modern and alternative styling ideas as well as embracing traditional aspects.





Fashion should be fun like life itself.