Monthly Archives - February 2018


So there was this Japanesque show I had seen across my social media which looked pretty fun, yet I wasn't sure if the ticket price was really worth it. I am talking about FUERZA BRUTA - an international show which actually changes its looks and concept based on its host country. 2 days after I checked the website and contemplated (it was almost creepy) I noticed my friends setting up an event titled as "Let's go and see FUERZA BRUTA in [...]


「着物でスノボ」Snowboarding in kimono

When living in Germany I never got the chance to do any Wintersports apart from ice skating, but 3 years ago my husband taught my how to stand on the snowboard. We flew up to Hokkaido and went snowboarding for 3 days - in the beginning I kept falling on my knees and ass but on the 3rd day I had lots of fun! Since then time passed super fast and I got insecure if I could still do it. When [...]