Monthly Archives - January 2018

「秋の着物撮影」Photo shoots from autumn

Currently there is still quite a backlog of kimono photo shoots and events I went to and haven't written about yet so I will post a bit about stuff I did back in October/November. One last minute, yet rather difficult shoot to execute (in terms of location and props) was with the popular Russian model and artist Ellen Sheidlin aka. Sheidlina. With an incredible current following of 3.7 Million people on Instagram I was super intrigued that she wanted to work [...]


「戌年」Happy New Kimono Year!

Happy New Year also on my blog! Thanks so much for reading in the past year and here is to hoping you are having an awesome 2018 - hopefully in kimono! My start in the year was rather unspectacular as I got pretty sick on new years eve and just spent it watching TV with my Japanese family (and killing a bottle of Sangria by myself.. to kill the germs of course haha) After the new year rang we went out to [...]