Monthly Archives - December 2017

「着物撮影ニューヨーク」Kimono photo shoots in NYC

For my duration in New York I also organized some fun kimono photo shoots with the city as a back drop. The first shoot was with the personality Candy Ken who is a singer and model with a strong message for gender equalization and freedom of expressing yourself. He loves Hello Kitty and pink items and strives to draw attention in order to spread a positive message worldwide. Although he doesn't live in New York our schedules magically matched up and [...]


「着物ワークショップ」Kimono workshops in NYC

During and after the Fudangi exhibition I wrote about in my last post, I also scheduled my first time ever kimono related workshops and some photo shoots. (Because how often do you have the chance to capture the NYC skyline with kimono?) ニューヨークにきてます! 前の記事で紹介したニューヨークにある「普段着物展示会」の前後にワークショップや着物の撮影もしてみました。 (着物姿をニューヨークで撮るならインパクトあるかなと思って・・笑) Prior to my trip I asked my followers on social media what kind of workshop they would like to attend when I am in New York / what they need help with in regards of kimono. And the majority [...]