Monthly Archives - May 2017

「黒留ナイト@東京キモノショー」Kurotome night @ Tokyo Kimono Show

On the 30th of April I joined the fun "Kurotome Night" at the week long Tokyo Kimono Show at COREDO near Nihonbashi. For that event about a 100 people joined in the dress-code "kurotomesode" (黒留袖)which is a formal black kimono with a colourful artwork only in the bottom third of the kimono. This kimono usually will be worn by the mothers of a couple at the wedding reception. There are also a few other occasions to wear this kimono, but not [...]


「平安姫の着物撮影」RinRin x SALZ Heian Kimono

Back in March RinRin called me about a fun kimono collaboration in the cherry blossoms. She just had her hair re-dyed in nice colours for the season and was looking to create a fun lookbook for her YouTube channel. (For those who may not know RinRin - she is an American-Japanese Model and YouTuber.) Everything was a bit wild, trying to schedule all sorts of people together with the weather and forecast of the perfect bloom of the sakura aka. cherry [...]