Monthly Archives - April 2017

「毎日ウィークリーの着物コラム」Mainichi Weekly Kimono column

In November I had an interview and photoshoot with the Mainichi Shinbun (one of the biggest newspaper in Japan) as some of you may remember. 11月は毎日新聞とインタビュー及び撮影しました。 That time I wasn't allowed to speak about it really but now I can lay my cards open: There now is a SALZ Kimono column From this month on, I am writing a monthly column about kimono and all that excites me for the English "Mainichi Weekly" Newspaper. Super exciting and thankful for this opportunity (a big shout [...]


「デザイン草履」SALZ Tokyo Zouri

Last autumn I designed and had my own and first SALZ Tokyo zouri sandals made. After testing them several months I'm still super excited, so I wanted to properly show them here: 数ヶ月前、初めてのデザイン草履を作って頂いたぁ〜 SALZ Tokyoの初オリジナル草履だわ! 回数、履いた上で、ちゃんと紹介したいと思います: Even it sounds like what everybody would say who made their own item - they are genuinely the most comfy and favourite zouri I own now!! At first I was a little concerned if I went too overboard with the high wedge design but surprisingly they are super lightweight [...]