Monthly Archives - February 2017

「京都で着物撮影」Kimono photoshoots in Kyoto

At the beginning of this month I went to Kyoto for some work and photo shoots. お仕事や撮影のため、京都へ行ってまいりました。 Well, and once there I also have to eat all the delicious things in my favourite restaurants. Like eel, yuba and warabimochi.. まっ、でもやはり京都って美味しい食品の多い街ですので、色々食べたくなるわ(笑) 京都に行くと大体行ってるお店も決まってるし。うなぎや湯葉、そしてわらび餅も大好きです。 This kimono was actually handed down to me from my husbands grandma. I love it! The patterns are so unusual. Wearing it with a modern lace obi and my self-made union jack obidome. この着物は旦那のおばあちゃんに頂いたものです。柄は特別でとても気に入りです。 「gle縞」モダンのレース帯と合わせた着物コーデです。ユニオンジャックの帯留めは手作り。 I was super careful to not catch a cold, but over night [...]


「大森茶屋」The Geisha of Tokyo

A couple of weeks back I got invited to join the opening of a new "O-chaya"(お茶屋) aka. a tea house where Geisha are performing. Before I get to all the details I'll show my kimono outfit for the day as always: Since there aren't as many chic occasions to go with a little more formal attire I went full on.. 少し時間経っちゃいましたが、この間は「大森茶屋」のオープニングへ誘っていただきました。 その前、いつも通りに「今日の着物コーデ」を紹介したいと思います。 普段はあまりお洒落なイベントに行けないのだが、今回は芸者さんと会うことで少し頑張らなきゃと思って・・ 訪問着を出してみた。 Kimono: Vintage houmongi / all over hand painted with a stormy ocean and eagle Obi: Vintage Nagoya obi with Hannya design Tabi: Jotaro Saito(斉藤上太郎) Zouri: [...]


「和裁」Wasai – The art of kimono sewing

Last year in October I started with Wasai (和裁) - traditional kimono sewing by hand. I am being taught by a sensei which has been a professional kimono tailor for over 50 years. My lessons are once every week for 5 hours to learn the art of kimono sewing. To be honest - it is quite tough! One wouldn't think how many hours, days and week go into making a kimono from scratch. All hand sewn with partially and very time consuming [...]