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「着物で四日間」4 days of kimono

How are you doing? Hopefully not caught a cold? To be honest, I was down with some kinda flu or heavy cold 2 weeks ago. And that is also one of the reasons my blog was a bit silent. Took me some time to recover but I am almost good now. And once I was good I had to go out in kimono. Over the past weekend I was even out 4 days in a row in kimono. Usually I wear [...]


「きものサローネ・着物ショー」Kimono Salone Shows

The weekend was full of kimono fun again - Kimono Salone was opening its doors for a second event this autumn. 先週末は「きものサローネ」へ行ってきました。先月と違って、展示会によりきものショーはメインでした。 Read about the previous event here 先月のきものサローネ・レポートはこちら: 「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone Finally it also is cold enough to wear some thicker kimono, so I could wear my Jotaro Saito Jersey kimono for the first time. (When I purchased it, it was hot summer.) Combined with an antique and vibrant obi this was a very nice outfit. (Apart from the fact that nothing worked that day and [...]