Monthly Archives - October 2016

Fashion Week Tokyo SS17

Last week it was time for Tokyo Fashion Week again. Numerous designers from Japan and overseas showed their collections for Spring/Summer 2017 on the runway and in showrooms in Tokyo. As every season I also went to see some shows, however I was a little more selective this year because it actually is quite tiring and I was not too healthy.. The main shows were held in Shibuya's Hikarie building as every year - however the former "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo" changed [...]


「ツイード着物 Sumire Ishioka」Tweed Kimono – a dream come true

For a while I have been circulating fabric houses and dreaming of making kimono with "western" fabric - including velvet, lace, cotton and tweed. One lovely woman made my dreams come true: 以前から生地屋さんに回るとき、洋服でよく使われてるベルベット、レース、コットンやツイードで着物を作る夢があります。ツイードの着物はすでにデビューしたことが分かりませんでした! ツイード着物デザイナー: SUMIRE ISHIOKA This young but talented designer worked many years on searching and designing the perfect tweed for splendid kimonos. I visited her showroom in Daikanyama, Tokyo with a friend to see the new tweed kimono collection. そしてデザイナー石岡さんは若い方ですが、とてもしっかりして、完璧なツイードを作るため数年もツイードを作り直したらしい。友達のさとちゃんと代官山のショールームへ行ってきました。 © Sumire Ishioka Most of the tweed is designed by her and woven in Japan. It [...]


「ルミ⭐︎レタル」Rumi x Retar Collaboration

Finally we have internet in our new place! So I can start trying to catch up on all the recent events and places I went.. I am wayyy late. 引っ越してからの一ヶ月後にやっとインターネットを設置して頂いた。 それで、(遅いけど)最近のイベントなどについてどんどんブログ上げますね。 First a quick intro for the Rumi x Retar Collab and Rumi Rock's new items. I went to their 3 day pop up shop in Nakameguro to check it out first hand. (And could grab a drink at their opening party, yay!) 先月の話ですが、「ルミ レタル」のショップイベントに行ってきた。 [レタル] Retar is a women who designs very beautiful shirts and [...]