Monthly Archives - May 2016

Rumi Rock – Isetan Pop Up

One of my favourite modern kimono brands Rumi Rock had a pop up store in the Shinjuku Isetan Shopping mall the past days. 好きなモダン着物ブランド「ルミ ロック」の伊勢丹新宿店ポップアップショップに行って参りました♪ They just released their new Yukata collection for 2016. I am not the biggest Yukata fan myself, but wanted to check out their items in general. (Unfortunately Isetan is a bit strict with a no photo policy so I can't show you much of the shop..) 2016年の浴衣コレクションや他の新作をリリースしたので、見に行きました。 (基本的に伊勢丹では撮影禁止みたいなので、あまり綺麗な写真は撮れなくてすみません!) I had an eye on some items and got [...]


「着物美人」KIMONO BIJIN Official Writer

Today I have some awesome news I'd like to share with you! 素晴らしいニュースはあるよ〜♡ 着物美人「KIMONO BIJIN」のオフィシャルライターになりました。


Robe Japonica – Designer mens kimono

A few months ago I stumbled over this new shop in Harajuku which drew my attention due to a kimono being displayed right at the entrance. I bumped my friend in the side and pulled her into said shop which turned out to be a next level mens kimono design boutique! Robe Japonica The first sight after entering were see through geta (Japanese sandals) made of plexiglass aka. acrylic. I remembered that those already sparked my interest on Twitter, but I didn't [...]