Monthly Archives - April 2016

Kimono Rainbow Challenge

In the past months I participated my first group challenge - the Kimono Rainbow Challenge. An international styling challenge Tia from Uber Dandy Kimono thought up and brought to live, contacting some kimono enthusiasts across the globe. ここ数ヶ月、国際的な着物チャレンジに参加してみました。「ザ・着物レインボーチャレンジ」 Uber Dandy Kimonoのティアさんは考えた着物スタイリングチャレンジです。世界中バラバラに住んでる着物好きの8名は参加した。 The rules are simple: Every week a kimono outfit needs to be styled in a main color set by Tia. The order was like a modern rainbow. Starting with black, proceeding with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple pink and ending with white. ルールは簡単: 毎週、決定した色で着物をスタイリングして着ること。モダンなレインボーみたいに黒でスタートしてから、赤、オレンジ、黄色、緑、青、紫、ピンク、そして最後は白です。 The [...]


Oiran Parade in Tokyo 2016 / 花魁道中

Last weekend I headed to Asakusa to see the Oiran Parade (花魁道中 oiran douchuu) which I was waiting for so long after missing the last one. An Oiran (花魁) was a courtesan (aka. prostitute) back in the days. Especially the highest ranked Oiran, called Tayuu (太夫) were not only offering physical love but actually were talented entertainers and artists. Tayuu were something like Superstars in old time. Their beauty and status was admired by many. Tayuu could choose their clients and [...]


StyleShare Japan Interview

 The other day I got interviewed by the fashion app "StyleShare" about life and what inspires me. StyleShare is a popular fashion style app from Korea, where you can upload your coordinates and beauty pictures and tag the brands you wear. この間、スタイルシェアにインタビューをされました ☆ スタイルシェアは韓国と日本の人気ファッションアップリです。毎日のファッションコーデやビューティー商品をシェアできますし、トレンドを見れて楽しいアップリです。 I use this app for a while now and it has many users across Japan and Asia. The interview was posted only in Japanese and some people wanted to read it - so I posted it up here with English [...]