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Lady Petrova Pop up in Harajuku, Tokyo ポップアップショップ原宿

On Friday I was invited to the Lady Petrova Pop-up Shop Party in Harajuku, Tokyo. Lady Petrova is an Australian fashion brand with lovely feminine dresses which are yet playful and creative! I met Petrova last year at when she had a pop up shop in the same location - at Girly Rose Tokyo - we stayed friends since then. So this time she brought over her summer collection! 金曜日はLady Petrovaのポップアップショップパーティーに行ってきた。 Lady Petrovaはオーストラリアのファッションブランドで可愛いでカラフルなドレスなどのファッションブランド。 去年のポップアップ@Girly Rose Tokyo で出会って、友達になったことで、今年も参加しました。 サマーコレクションを持ってきてくれた♡ Very cute designs! Unfortunately on Friday the rain was pouring [...]


MAYBELLINE 100 Years Anniversary Party, Tokyo メイベリン100周年記念日

I guess you all know the Make-up company MAYBELLINE New York, right? Well these lovelies turned 100 years now! What an amazing number! To celebrate, Maybelline New York hosted parties across the globe - and Tokyo was one of the locations! I had the chance to celebrate with them on Wednesday. Before heading to the event I met up with my friend Nicola who is a fellow German, blogger and photographer (Her styles and works: It was a rainy day, one of [...]


New Shirt Collection 2015 – Tシャツ新コレクション SALZ Tokyo

A new shirt collection has been born! SALZ Tokyo takes an approach to a minimalist and clean design with a message. For instance we need to hold back our true feelings in nowadays society. But what you shall not say can be still printed, am I right? Say fuck off in the name of fashion, be human, be real. 新コレクションの発表♡ メッセージ入りのミニマリストスタイルです。 今の現在の皆さんは色々で疲れてると思うけど、言っちゃいけないところが多いだろう。言えないことはプリントとして着れるならいいな! ファッションがファックと言ったら、それはあり。人間だからこそ、リアルの気持ちを見せよう。 さて、Tシャツのデザインを紹介しましょう。 For your moods we have these babes available for order now: Step forward into a new era. Do what makes you happy. For the lighter minded [...]